Linguizetta & Antisanti

Last Saturday, Matt I had a separate get away! What? yep. Matt was invited to hang out in Antisanti, with a new friend, Delphin. (who is also helping him a Lot with French) and Sadie and I stayed with Lucie and her grandmother in Linguizetta. I was so excited to go back!

It was rainy and nasty all week and in the forecast for the next week...BUT on Sat and Sunday God provided beautiful Sunny days, clear views for miles. Coincidence. Nope. I believe that God is most revealed in the little things, like a sunny days. He knew it would refresh my soul and give me a happiness and peace that only could be explained Through Him. He let me enjoy it.

{And then we had a lot of snow a week later...}

Lucie had to be at work early Sunday morning, so Sadie and I had breakfast and hung out with her grandmother until Matt came to get us around 10. Talk about full-on Immersion into French! Since she was widowed, she has traveled all over Europe in the last couple of years, so she showed me all of her photos....I love the ones of all the Tulips in Belgium!

Matt said it he had a great time as well, although he slept on a clicker-clacker (futon) half his size! Delphin attends the university in Corte and has a small flat there for during the week but he has such a strong tie to his family village, that he would rather go back there on the weekends then hang out in Corte. {There are maybe 40 residents there and only 1 or 2 his age}

This was their view from their balcony. Beauty.

I woke up to God's beautiful creation...if you can say that this just 'happened' me. I tried to explain to Lucie's grandmother that morning, that it was like staying at a B&B for me, a voyage (vacation)...I hope she understood!

excuse me mom...I am trying to enjoy the view....Oh Sadie, if you only knew!

And Matt's photos from Antisanti. They hiked up to a point where you have a 360 view of the Island. Delphin said that his village is one of the 3 best 'views' of the island. how cool. Antisanti is also the home of Annette's Dad and some cafe owners that we have gotten to know in Corte. Matt was able to visit their houses. I think we know everyone in Anitisanit now...ha!


he took a video from the phone, of the view but he said it doesnt truely capture it...

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