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Last week we traveled up to Paris for for some language learning training. Due to our situation we are not getting traditional schooling to learn French but we were blessed to get some training on how to Use the BareFoot Method and learn a language on your own. We stayed with another family in our company, who lives south of Paris. Sara is a expert in this Method so she had a lot of knowledge to give! Some friends of ours, Jake & Suzanne got to join us as well, it was good to catch up with them and share in our language struggles. I know most of my blogs make it seem as we get to chase animals and explore villages and soak up this beautiful Island, but the bulk of our day and time is tedious language studding. After the few days of learning the new method, we were able to explore Paris because the Perkins let us stay in their home for the weekend. Paris. What? Living overseas, away from family and learning a new language can have its perks! We did all the main sites, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, inside the Louvre, Arce de Triomphe and Notre Dame. (you can click on the names for short, boring video clips that we took) The Louvre was huge and beautiful, how did they build castles like this so long ago? And we visited Notre Dame, again a huge church with so many details and carvings. I wish I could have seen the sculptures at work. Then we walked down the 'most famous street in the world' The Champs-Elysées which has The Arc de Triomphe at the end of it. I think this was my favorite part, we got to go the top and see a panoramic view of the City at night. Now I know why they call it the "City of Lights". Gorgeous! Sidenote - the man working the elevator had lived in Longview, Texas, of all places.
Here is everyone working away on Language.

And we celebrated Three Kings Day, or Epiphany. And you eat a delicious Kings Cake with a small toy hidden in side. The tradition is the youngest kids hides under the table and calls out who get what piece, the person who has the toy is King for the day and has to bring the cake to the next meal. (it is celebrated all January)

On the bus....sadie got to ride an airplane, train and bus. Paris has Great public transportation....if you speak French.

Jake & Suzanne

Sadie, did pretty well with all the layers of cloths to block out the chilly winds but she would not keep her gloves on. And after 5 minutes she would be crying because her hands hurt from the cold. So we put Matt's pull over on her where she could keep her hands inside of it. I need to do a post on how picky Sadie can be when it comes to cloths. She has to pick out what she wears now and has a few favorite items that she wears all the time. (She is 2!?!)

We flew on one of the cheap European airlines so luggage was pretty limited. We rigged Matt's Army bag (thanks Leif, Brad & Tera) to double as a backpack for Sadie.

The Arc De Triomphe, my favorite part. I didn't know too much about Paris nor the History be-hide the sites, so it was fun to read about them and learn when they built and why. I didnt realize how big the Arc is....Can you see all the people at the top?

And of course, the cliche picture with Mona Lisa...please excuse the hat hair. :)

The Champs-Elysées with all the Christmas Lights still up.

Exploring the outside of The Louvre.

Sadie was a bit of a wimp, like her mom when it came to the cold snow!

despite the gloomy weather I was able to enjoy some photography (I was in Paris...) I will try ad post those soon.

Sadie's First Snow!

Liz  – (February 20, 2010 at 1:55 AM)  

Paris is electrifying even in Winter. I need to check out the BareFoot Method sounds like a "sink or swim" language learning method, my favorite. :)

Leah  – (February 20, 2010 at 1:55 AM)  

Hey Kelly! Thank you so much for your comments on my blog, and for your prayers and encouragement!

liz H –   – (February 20, 2010 at 1:56 AM)  

how beautiful! wow. i had no idea that the arc was that HUGE. you learn something new every day... thanks for all the fun pics!

marissa –   – (February 21, 2010 at 4:53 AM)  

I just love looking at the blog! THanks for always updating it! Just a clothes suggestion I've done twice now...and it's worked marvelously! I always put outfits together on hangers (including tights/hairbow) and then she gets to pick out WHATEVER she wants to's all on the hanger! Then I'm happy with her selection (no fighting over shorts in winter) and she's happy because she gets to show her independence and "pick" out her outfit....just thought I'd throw that out since it's worked out beautifully with Avalyn and while I nannied for 2 years. Keep up the posting! :P ps- I just got a camera and have been playing wiht all of the settings and picassa and so much fun photography stuff! I love it! Any hints you want to share? :P

swiemo –   – (February 21, 2010 at 4:53 AM)  

I LOVE the thumbs up picture. :) And the one of you-- j'ai besoin de beaucoup des photos de vous.. ok. my french is breaking down... désolée... et aussie, je ne crois pas que je n'ai pas rien avec ma vie. c'est la dramatique de moi!! ;) ok. I'll stop.

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