Top 10 reasons we are so excited to go home......




4. A break from work, school, home....

5. Harrison, Bre-Bre, Emilee, Bailey, Baby Melon & Baby blueburry



8. Sisters & Bros...Family

9. rest aka. the thing we used to do at night
10. Church with the Family...a Sunday afternoon with the Family


Get Ready Texas.


Congrats Cheney Family

Elijah James Cheney came into the world Friday Morning. Isnt he just beautiful! Please pray for Stephanie and Mark as they adjust with the new family member....


Matt JR

if you know Matt then I am sure you have received this look from him....she definitely takes after her daddy...thanks for the picture shannon



It was a close battle but she took me at the end!

"They call me the Semi-Turbo because I am kind-of Fat." Everyone laughed.

This years End of Year Bash was Gladiator Themed! Matt was asked to be a actual Gladiator, of course because he is so intimidating. And my name was drawn to be a contestant against the girls.

My good friends, Christina & Sarah, were "Ace All up in Your Face" and "The Hammer"....I will admitted I was pretty scared.

pictures by Shan.



My friend, Shannon, caught Sadie discovering her feet. She has also started holding her head up really well and is blowing bubbles. I will try and post some pictures of that tonight. I cannot wait until Friday........


HaPpY mOtHeR's DaY

We miss you and can not wait to see you in a little over a week!!


Scatter Brain

Over the last week or so I have been such a scatter brain. This morning was the worse of all.

Mistake #1: Matt works on Fridays and I normally walk to work well today I took the car. Come 9am when Matt is suppose to be at work, he is thinking the car had been stolen.

Mistake #2: I had to walk to the house Matt is working at on my lunch break to feed Sadie and get lunch for Matt and myself. Well as of yesterday Matt is at his boss's 2nd house because they are upgrading house #1 .What do I do....walk to house #1 which put me about 30min out of the way. I finally make it to the correct house and I can hear Sadie screaming as if all hell broke loss. She was starving and it broke my heart.

Mistake #3: Somewhere between dealing with mistake #1 and committing mistake #2, I forgot to make sure Matt had an afternoon bottle for Sadie. I had to leave work and go feed her and then walk back wasting a large portion of the work day.

I blame it on lack of continuous sleep but enoughs enough, there are millions of super moms out there that handle work and family just fine. Right? It is possible?

All this to say, please pray for me. Pray that I become more responsible and for Matt's patience... we all know how forgivable he is to other people's mistakes.....



Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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