Houston in 2.5 months!

So the big question...what's next? On 7/17 we land in Houston! We really want to be with family there for a little while and we want to work along some ministries there that are in the prevention/recovering of sex trafficked victims. One in particular you can pray for is Freedom Place. It will be the first recovery house of its kind in Texas and they are trying to be up and running by this fall. We have found a foreclose near downtown that we are looking into. It needs a lot of work but is a big house that could host some for these girls when needed which is heavy on our hearts. We recently learned that foreign women who were brought to the US, who give any information to the police on their 'pimps' can receive citizenship . But they may not speak the language, have any relatives, and are in desperate need of love and help to fit back into society.

I am not sure how we will get this house move in condition or how long it would take or even if we get...we are leaving this up to the father. If you know of any good inspectors/renovators/
electricians/have any advice, please send them/it our way! We are also on the look out for used furniture/kitchen appliances/etc. for the house becuase we sold all of ours before coming to France. And we are brainstorming about some jobs that would help us get started, especially if Matt needs to work on the house full time. If you have any leads on any nanny jobs/daycare positions (or anything at that!) let me know. You can email me at ksummers@gmail.com

We are really excited to see you in Houston!
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We celebrated our last Easter here in Corsica and it was bittersweet. We are really excited to start the next chapter we feel the Lord is leading us too but very sad to leave this place and our friends. This Easter we visited the 'heart' of Corsica's Easter procession in Sartene. They mimic Jesus' walk for 2 hours though the village on Good Friday. There is a man, who you see in red in photos below, that 'nobody' knows who he is. It is a secret because once he does the walk, his sins are gone. And there are huge crowds that walk with them. Often people will wait on the waiting list for 40 years to be give this opportunity.

Their Easter here is like our county fair...its guarantied to rain. 

 Around the village of Sartene, which is in the South of Corsica.

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Ma Belle Mere a Paris

After Matt's mom trip to Corsica....we {yes that includes me!) said Goodbye to the kiddos and headed to Paris for a day. In order to make the flight out of Paris back to Texas early in the Morning you have to stay a night in Paris, so they went a day early to explore and thanks to my hubby...I got to tag along with then to help navigate. It was a blast.


Drinking Angelina's Famous Hot Chocolate

We loved all the flowers...


We didnt have time to make it over to the Sacré Coeur, but you can see it in the distance. This is from the top of the Eifel.

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We have visiters...

Matt's Mom and Friend, Debbie came to see us! It has been a blessing showing them around our town, seeing our life and meeting some of our friends. Sadie was so too happy discovering that her grandma doesn't just live in the computer!

So far we have explored some small Villages, including my good friend Lucie's & her family. We introduced them to Raclette with some friends and had dinner with Annette and her father. Saw lots of old churches and had some good Corsican pastries.

Haha, we made them hold their bellies and touch the maternity goodess.
 Going over the river that spilts our town.
 We pitched in with Matt's siblings and surprise them with a stay at Annette's B&B.

Lucie's Grandma....she is hilarious. 

 Picking some oranges.

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Goodbye Claudia

One of my good friends here in Corsica left to do an internship. I am really sad not to be able to have our coffee dates and late night movies & popcorn (no butter). ;) But we had a great Goodbye party at our house!

I miss you Clau!!

They are both standing straight up....

thats better....

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Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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