San Nicolao

Meet our amazingly, generous friend, Annette, who owns a awesome Bed & Breakfast just north of Corte. She has had us in her home more times then I can count now and has introduced to so many people. We even got to spend New Years Eve at her dinner party. She has a very unique home, it was built by a doctor that would travel and work here in the summers back when they didn't have any hospitals around these villages. So, he had patients in his house and preformed surgeries where she now lives! It was built for these purposes so it is not our typical Corsica home.
A few weeks ago we were able to drive about an hour away to her 'home town' village, where she grew up and where her mother's house is. San Nicolao, which is on the east coast of Corsica. They have a huge family garden and it was cool to get to know her more as she showed us around. We were able to help her get fruits and vegetables for her B&B. I just got an Email from Annette saying that her dad, 84, was recently visiting friends in Rome and had a fall. I do not have all the detail but she was really worried. Please pray for him and her as she takes care of him. He is in really good shape for his age and it has been fun getting know him as well, he is a retired Greek/Latin Professor and still writes articles.
Annette...isn't she fun.

The fruit was delicious and fresh.

This is a Cedrat Fruit. Here they use it to make Cedratine, which is a common aperitif. I read that the The Cedrat liqueur made in Corsica is quite rare outside of Corsica. Interesting. It is huge and very strange looking.

This is her family house, her mother inherited it. She said it was built in 1400th century and was built around a tower (which is now the stairs in the middle part of the house)

I found this kind-of funny...the mayor put up old pictures of the village around town. Half the town likes it, said Annette, and the other half hates its.

This is the view from town, the beach and a beautiful chapel. Right around the corner are very tall cascades, an old bridge and a cool tunnel. The Corsican's just have so much physical beauty here.


I miss YOU. and i LOVE you

Grandma KayKay, Tina, Harrison, Annabelle, Pasley, Keith, Bailey, A. Lisa, U. Monty, Amy, Cameron, Brad, Tera, Emilee, PawPaw, Grandma, Piper, Megan, Seth, A. Melody, U. Mark, Sarah, Emily, Andy, Maw-Maw, U. Stephen, Uncle Leif Summers, Alex...I MISS YOU...and this is my song to you!

Sadie loves to randomly bust out in song...this is one of those times and Matt caught it on video! We have no idea what she is singer about. Look at us smart people in the background with our Macs...this is when we were in Paris with another family with our company. We were learning a method for language learning without schooling.


Meet our Nieghbor

Our neighbor, Madame Giani has been a blessing to us. She has been so generous in helping us get settled and meet people. You can see her in This Post, on the very last video with snow (at the end). She has introduced us to a friend of hers, who then got us in contact with a few other Americans on the Island and that lead to more Corsican Friends. I know God was apart of picking this specific apartment for us so that we can get to know her. She doesn't speak English but our supervisors were able to translate for us when we first moved in. Her and her husband are retired from the military. She said they moved every three years and spent time in Germany so she understands what it is like to be in a new town and not know the language. We have coffee together often, with a dictionary and my broken french, I am so thankful she is patient with our language learning. Matt's Mom even got to meet her on skype one day! I have also enjoyed exchanging food tastings with her, she brings over fresh vegetables from their garden in a near by village, soups and this traditional French meat below, sanglier, which is wild boar. I mainly have just given her different cookies and desserts...and chilie one time when she was sick. And I made an pumpkin pie for her family, which was a big hit. Here's a shoot out to those who sent us easy canned Libby's pumkin filling! She said she has only had pumpkin this was very new.

We have seen some Wild Boar skins out on the fences, I am not sure if it has a purpose or if it is just equivalent to our hanging deer heads in our living rooms.

She also got us in contact with an Indian family here in Corte, who speaks English. We have had dinner and lunch with them a few times and celebrated Kings Day with dessert! And it was I that found the toy in the you may now call me Queen Kelly the 1st. We have enjoyed getting to know this family as well, he is a retired Biology professor from the University here. And I am really fond of him, becuase he said that my French is coming along faster then Matt's. Not true, but is fun to pretend.


happy Early birthday Sadie!

I am a sucker for cool things and I have seen several people Donate Birthday $$ to special causes..isnt that so cool! So, I created one for Sadie's 2nd birthday on Facebook! If you are led, please donate $2 to the Organization, "Feed Hungry Children in Haiti". Click Here. or go to this link:

Thanks for your help!


Santineddie - Amercan Football in Corisca

While exploring the town when we first got here, we surprisingly came across a poster for Football Americain. What? Here? That would be a perfect way to meet people! So, Matt showed up at the next practice not knowing what to expect...but found, a group of guys who really enjoy American Football and have started a Team here in Corte. They will hopefully expand and play teams on other parts of France. There is one other team on the Island that they may scrimmage soon. I am still shocked at how late practice is, 8:30 - 10:30pm! I have noticed the Europeans in general do most things late. When do they sleep? American Football isn't a little league sport here nor played in the schools, so it is the first time that the guys have actually played the game. Matt has been able to get to know some of the guys during practice and hanging out at a cafe with them. A few weeks ago he came home with this Jacket with their team name on the now I guess he is official a professional Football player. ha! Sintineddi is Corsican for "The Watchmen", kind-of clever, huh? Here is their Website, You can use Google translator to read it English if you are curious. All you football pros out there, if you are interested, you should come to Corsica and play!

These photos are taken outside our apartment where they is a grassed playing area, it was the day we got a little snow.
Sadie likes to ride the Dolphin but she really misses swings. You do not see any swings here in France, and I asked my American Friend and she said that they aren't common. So no "weeeeing", as she calles it, for Sadie for awhile.



Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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