charming (chärm) N.
1. The power or quality of pleasing or delighting; attractiveness

Happy Birthday, my beloved! You still have all the charms of our first encounters. I love you.


On the last day in Virginia we had a commissioning service and the guys dressed up in suits & ties....I had to beg Matt to let me take pictures. This is 1 of 2 times I have seen him so handsome and probably the last!

And from Sadie...

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resting and exploring

We have been doing a lot of this...
And missing family...
And leaning a lot about the rich culture and adjusting to the differences....that's a whole other post to come later.
We also got to take a trip to our soon to be Home Town on Monday. It was absolutely beautiful driving up through the mountains and through a few quaint, old, old villages. It is only about 55 miles but it takes 2 hours from where we are staying with our supervisors in Ajaccio because of the mountains. It is a uphill, windy, narrow trip. Our apartment is on the 3rd floor with no elevator but it isn't to far from downtown and has beautiful view of the mountains. We were introduced to a few people, one if which owns a pottery store and they had amazing stuff. Hopefully Matt caught on to all my birthday hints....well hopefully he remembers my birthday this year. :)
Today the girls did some walking through downtown, down around the school and the churches. Corsican's are strong in their catholic Faith and have many, many Saints that they worship, with Mary leading the way. They believe that she lived a sinless life and will interced for you to the father.
They also dedicated the town to Mary for protection and have days set aside where they will put hundreds of candles in front of this statue in old town square.
In most of the buildings there is a statue of St. Mary or like in the picture below, St. Peter. St. Peter is holding the keys to heaven since they believe that he was the first one to enter. They put these sculptures in the buildings for protection and mercy.
Napoleon Bonaparte was born here and there are festivals that revolve around him as well as many Statues of him around town.
And just for fun a few from around town:


Bonjour...we made it

We have made it to Corsica! We left Thursday around 12:30 for the airport and we arrived in Ajjaccio, Corsica Friday around 6pm. Let's just say that Sadie was...Sadie. I am so thankful that we only had one child to keep up with (although sometimes Sadie can be counted as 3!)
What I thought was suppose to be a 8hr plane ride into Paris turned into almost 12! It was actually 9 1/2 hours of flying and 2 hours being delayed on the runway. Sadie slept for about 4 of those hours but woke up twice screaming....therefore we did not get any sleep. (I think that her ears were really bothering her) I felt bad for her but I still wanted to put her in the carry-on storage.
I was so glad when we landed but It was bittersweet, Matt and I said to Sadie, "We are here, we are in France" and she looked up and said excitedly, "HarrisonAnnabelle!" (these are her cousins that we spent the last 2 weeks with them) We already miss everyone.
We landed in Paris about 10:30am and needed to switch airports to get to Corsica. Fortunately, a another couple that works with the company, picked us up and gave us a quick tour and then transported us....which cut back on a lot of the stress of getting around.
Here is Matt and Sadie in Paris waiting on our lunch (Sadie is was a little confused at the way all the people were talking!) img_2471
We barely made it to our next flight on time due to traffic, and this is when reality really started to kick in. We were no longer in an America airport and when we checked in we no longer could use English. It was a little overwhelming but we made it past security and onto the gate. We had no idea what they were saying when they called for people to line up and load so we just waited until the very end and got in line (there is only about 10 minutes left at this point) when we strolled up there with our car seat and Sadie in her stroller, they would not let us take either on the plane and said we had to go back through security and check them both. Uh-oh....but everything ended just fine and we made it on the plane (they waited for us).

Then we finally landed in Corsica where we had a very warm welcoming from our team leaders, Larry and Trish.
Here we are with all of our stuff at the airport...
The stroller and car seat did not make it to our destination so poor Sadie just had to hold on tight. (but we did receive them in the mail today!)img_2474
We have been very blessed to have such hospitable leaders especially since we will be here for at least 2 weeks. (our apartment is being worked on) It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL here, God really has given me a peace and comfort through his amazing creation here. There weather has been raining and foggy but is it still breath taking.
Here is our room
Sadie is in the room with us but no complaining from me, look at this view!
I didn't think that jet-lag would hit me, especially since we didn't get any sleep on the plane and went to bed around 8pm last night but it has. I just cannot get over being tired and Sadie isn't exactly being the cutest little thing. We did get out around town for a couple hours today, though and that help a lot.
Tomorrow we will take on the Flea Market and Farmer's market (maybe I will make it into some pictures then)



Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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