little one

You precious face has strengthen my Faith in The Lord, more then words can explain. Although we still do not know God's exact plan in this, you have came into our path and softened our hearts.

I wish I could share with you just how cute of little boy He is, but for now, here are his precious hands, that I hope to hold one day.

yes he is in pink. Hey, they use what they can get ;)

We are praying for you little one.

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world cup and links

When we traveled to Spain, we happen to be there when they won the World Cup. We went out for a bit, but me and Sadie called it an early night.....though I was awoken when they won, to horns and fireworks and no telling what else they where doing. Our friend made a cute video of the craziness.

I Have been Reading Tom Davis' blog and some of his latest post have been very motivating,

The $2000 Tortilla Chip

What would you Sell to stop a child from being raped? 

Have you heard of Korah in Ethiopia? Korah, Ethiopia 

Check out this article in USA Today and let me know what you think: House Church

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Three Amigos...Part II

You can see Part One Here. We were lucky to attend our company's yearly Eastern Europe Get-Together in Spain 2 weeks ago, where we enjoyed some American amenities like air conditioning, taco bell and Dr. Pepper! More Photos to come...more importantly we were able to visit some friends that live in the Basque Country, along with another a family.....both families have little girls and Sadie had a blast! With 3 families in a 2 bedroom apartment, it was a territory fight for the little girls....though Nolyn, the youngest one, came out on top! All totally worth it, thanks for such a great time guys.

These two are my favorite photos of Nolyn, though they may not be the best photography, they really catches her little girl sweet-ness to me.

And this one is my favorite of Edan, who has a HUGE personality.

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Help me to live my BEYOND my best...

“Thankfully my best is not all I have to offer. Inside me shines something more, something I can offer my children that will never disappoint, the light and power of Christ. My children will not remember a saint when they recall their mother. Instead, they will remember a woman who bit her upper lip and then dropped to her knees and begged Jesus for strength." -unknown

"Not many of us are living at our best, We linger in the low because we are afraid to climb the mountains. The steep and ruggedness discourage us, so we stay in the midst of the valls and never learn the mysteries of the hills, We do not know what is lost by our self-indulgence, what glory awaits if we only have the courage to climb, or what blessings we will find if we only ascend the mountains of God!"
-J.R. Miller

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where's the brownie mix bowl? there something wrong, Mom?

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let the count down begin....

On Sunday we get to be re-united with some very cool people.....We are so blessed to be able to hang out with you again. And Sadie will be able to play with some of her buddies from Training and speak English. Shoot out to the med-team of Quad 8!

sorry, kyra I had too....its coming back to me isnt it?

Sorry Grace...but its going to be one cool week.

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one beautiful women

In the previous post about our acceptance of a referral I mentioned that God provided, though this kind-of came as a surprise becuase of the timing, God is faithful when He calls. He was faithful through a beautiful women, we didn't even ask. Like many other families out there that gave, and that will give in the future. We are forever Thankful to be apart of your community in Christ!

The Moment she got news of this precious boy, she gave. All she said what "how can we make this happen."  She sacrificed as well as the some our brothers and sisters of ours, who have given so that we can move one step closer on this journey with God. I really think God meant for us to leave in a community like this and even possible have a common purse, like the early church.

Through her reaction and her giving and this situation in a whole, the Passage in Luke 5 came alive for me. It is the story of men carrying their paralytic friend on a mat. They lowered him through the roof to be healed by Jesus. They did whatever they could to obey the Lord's commands to help those in need. They could have easily given up when it seemed impossible, but they cut a hole in a roof, and rigged something to lower him into a crowded room....I am sure it had to be a big hole and that everyone thought they were nuts. Sometimes God works through miraculous, unbelievable things but sometimes the Lord expects us to step up, out of our comfort and take action, especially when one of His little kids is waiting on the other side.  We do not know if we will be able to repair our 'hole in the roof' but our eyes are only on Jesus as were the eyes of the men who where lowering their friend before Him.

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This past weekend we accepted the referral of a beautiful baby boy who is 10 months old, at least they believe, he came to the orphanage about a month ago.

This means that we are now waiting on a court date for the Judge to approve. We had a few days between the email and photos of the precious boy and saying yes....of course we wanted to Yes right away but we had to wait on the Lord to provide a means, because saying yes meant the next payment, that we did not have.

He did provide!

It was a trying weekend to say the least but we have never drawn closer to the Lord as much nor dug into scripture finding and resting in his Truths. We have been blessed not only with others going through this same process but also with Friends here in Corisca who were willing to pray and share in the excitement!

If we pass court then we can share more photos and the name! For safety reasons we have to be extra careful. We must be present at on the court date but even if they say yes, we will have to return home and then return again in a few months to actually pick him up.

I can not stop looking at his precious smiles. Please pray that we continue trusting in the Lord, his providence, timing and decisions.

Great Article by Russel Moore:

And a Adoption T-shirt give-way, Here. my favorite!

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always remember

Sometimes when I look at Sadie, I cannot believe she is 2 going on 3....How did that happen. Her sweet baby face is changing so much, her chunky thighs are losing their indentions and her cute little fingers are consistently covered in dirt, markers, stickiness.....I want to remember all those precious moments, the unplanned ones that just bring a warmness to your heart. The other morning she wanted to have coffee "Like you, mommy" So I got her some 'coffee' and we had our first mother, daughter early morning coffee date. When I fist tried to take a picture, her fast little growing legs sprinted out of the chair....then ran behind the door to be silly....those are the moments.

Also please pray for the sweet girls that are ripped from the chance to have morning coffee with someone that loves them, pray. God uses us. and gives them a indescribable peace until someone can get to them to say, you are worth it.

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Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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