Just some happenings Part 3

Our friend from California, Wy, stop by after taking a cruise ship over from San Francisco. She then went to visit some friends in Germany. She is one active lady! It was really good to see her and hear some more of her stories. She stayed with our friend Annette at here B&B.

 We helped some friends host an 'Egyptian Soiree' at he University. The girls put on a little Egyptian dance, but I will spar you the pain of watching it. ;)

 We had to renew our Visa to stay here another year...it just happen to fall right around when all the riots where happening becuase of the change in the Retirement age here in France. When we were in the Court house, you could here people throwing rocks at it and Police had their shields blocking the door....we had to be escorted out. ;) No one was injured, its all really just a scare tactic that doesn't work, espcially when it mostly comes from teenage boys.

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Just some happenings Part 2

 Happy 25th Birthday Nico! We have enjoyed Nico and Marie's friends over the last year, and Sadie playing with their son who is just a month older.

Its so sweet seeing Matt laying down with Sadie reading one of her favorite books...

 We went with some friend to the "Wind Festival" and they had a hippy-like-carousel ride/show. I am not sure, but It think she enjoyed it?


Just some happenings Part 1

......as we continue life here in Corsica.

Sadie started school in Oct. (ish). We really wanted her ot have a better opportunity to learn the language and meet more people are last year here. I think the school actually started in September but every time we tried to get her enrolled, we were told that she was too young.  They start public school at age 3 here (just preschool with naps). Sadie was just 2.5 but we were told that they normally have extra room and would take younger children. One weekend we met the director of the school and had coffee with at her home. The next week Sadie started school. ;)

I guess, you just have to know the right Corsican.

It's getting cold here! Snow has made her debut for the winter.

Hanging out with my friend Claudia, making Matt's birthday cake. We watched Avatar (yes, I gave in) at Gael & Alexandra's house on their projector they use as a TV. ;)

Sadie hanging out with some of her friends, watching a movie.


We are back

We have returned from our first trip to Ethiopia! It was a great experience and a real eye opener on many levels. I was scared of all the things that could go wrong going into it, but God really have me a peace....his ways are perfect, his timing is perfect, no matter the outcome of any of it. We made it through all 4 airports with no problems with customs or visas or luggage. We did not come down with anything the whole trip and Sadie was just fine while we were gone! Speaking of her, she will be waking up soon, so I will give more details later. But we did hear those sweet words from the Judge, "He is your child", and we hope to return sometime in January but will not know for a few weeks.

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I was really encouraged and motivated my this mother's post as we prepared the final details to go and meet Tatian. We leave bright and early in the morning....4 airports, long lay-overs and one 7 hour leg. We are leaving Sadie with some great friends here, but 5 days is a long time to be away from her! Of course, it will all be worth, to get see his sweet personality for the first time and move another step closer to having him home with us.  

So off we go, with greatly mixed emotions, .....hopefully photos to come soon. Here are a few of us going though the donations we collected. 

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what is adoption?

"Adoption is not about finding children for families, it's about finding families for children." Joyce Maguire Pavao  

I dont know about you but I was adopted into a family, a family of misfits and outcasts, people who just cant get it right sometimes...the family of christians. A place of healing, grace, growing and love. And that is what I believe children of adoptoin need, a family for this.

“Adoption comes from the heart, but the adoption process comes from the Law. You should follow your heart, but be sure you also follow the law.” ~ Irina O’Rear....just for fun.
Just yesterday one of the elderly widows who lives in our building, asked me how the adoption was going, as we passed on the stairs. She then went on to remind me that she doesn't like adoption, its too hard and you do not know the kids. That she prefers pregnancy. I kindly said, "Je comprend, J'accord" I understand and agree. Because I do. It's not how God created it to be. I told her that I did not like the thought of children being in an orphanage, and that we felt compelled to do something, no matter how small it seem to be. But that was about as far as my french would let me go. What I wanted to say is that these children deserve to know that there is something bigger to this world,  and that they do have a father in Heaven, that promises he will set things right one day. I believe in the mean time He wants us to be His Hands and feet.

Later on, I thought about her life, what it was like growing up on such a small island and raising a family, probably without television/news and no internet. It probably is bizarre to her that we would desire this route. The new is scary and unknown. We live in a world where if we if we think we can not handle it; Then Trust Your Heart. Or if you do not know how to go about it; Choose the is an easier. Or we too easily write it off. But in our day and time, with internet and statistics at our fingers, its hard to ignore. I am not just talking about the orphan statistic but any and all the injustices around us. Whatever it is that we are aware of but push aside so it doesn't interrupt our normal, routine, planned- out life. And 'it' truly is for me, becoming harder to ignore. No matter how many justifications we give ourselves or how many things we try and fill up our time to avoid 'it'. I have seen too often that the 'other way' is what produces true genuine joy that you just cant get enough of. The way that doesnt seem right to our human instincts or doesn't culturally fit. It's can be amazing that we live in a country where we can know a need on the other side of the world as well as the local needs. And it's pretty cool that we can read about the needs from our own homes and then actually do something to make a big impact....and it's cool how it looks different for every family. And for us, God lead us to Adoption. I Hope again! Through our short journey this far, we have been blessed to see the resemblance in our own adoption in the family of Christ. And how much we need a savior in our lives and in this world. Lord, Please keep me from myself and allow me to continue on this journey with you...no matter where you take us next. After all you did write that you know our hearts,

The Message Proverbs 24:12;  

Rescue the perishing;
   don't hesitate to step in and help.
If you say, "Hey, that's none of my business,"
   will that get you off the hook?
Someone is watching you closely, you know—
   Someone not impressed with weak excuses.

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Tatian Dael Summers 

A few weeks ago we passed the first go around for court! Now we must appear in person in Ethiopia, November 22nd, to say:

            "Yes, we want this Child"

We are getting so close to bringing him home.  Please continue to pray for the process, as there still could be some bumps to come. Pray for a smooth ride to finish! And pray for all those involved in this adoption. Adoption always has to sides and we can not forget that. 

Thanks to some friends who just returned from visiting their children and appearing in court, we have some great photos! In all the photos, Tatian seems very happy-go-lucky and we were told that he has a fun personality and is adored by all the older child! We cannot wait to meet him! 

I am sure we will get some questions on the name. :) Matt saw the name in one of his Church history books and he has liked it ever since. And obviously, it has grown on me! Dael, Matt's sister gave us, is Hebrew for 
Knowledge of God.

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How do you do bath time?

Don't be jealous.

It's very common to not have full bath/showers here, so we bought a little sand/pool box so she could still enjoy some bath time fun. The only down fail...those things are a pain to empty! I have flooded the bathroom many of times because of my impatience while emptying it. 
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Festival A Santa di U Niolu...Coriscan Facts

I still miss so much about the states and small town America, especially Texas. The culture and events and vibe, but I am learning to be thankful for experiencing things outside of my comfort zone. Through living and learning about another culture, God has reminded me just how big he is. He has and is opening my eyes and heart to so much more then I could have imagined.

Last Wednesday we went to a near by village to check out the "Santa" Festival, which is considered one of the largest and more important festivals in Corsica. And is one of the oldest. Each year, on the 8th of September, the people gather together to celebrate the Statue of the Virgin Mary, which has been worshiped for centuries by the Corsicans. The morning begins with a mass and the wooden statue is carried out of the church and placed next to an old crucifix in front of the altar. At the end of the mass a group of men carry the statue of the Virgin Mary around the village square. The Fraternity of Saint Anthony, white robed penitents, form the granitula, a spiral procession that has great significance in the Corsican culture. In afternoon, traders erect their stalls and sell their products like lonzu, coppa, wine, honey, liqueur and eau de vie. The mountain shepherds also gather to compete with one another in the improvisations and the 'Chjam' è Rispondi', a musical dialogue of rhymes. They demonstrate a quick wit, often very humorous. The verses sang by the older men are full of poetry. The singer who is best in expressing himself is rewarded by applause and laughter from the audience.

They believe that the story of the Statue Santa all begin on a stormy night back in the 15th century a ship had been blown off course near Galéria. The situation seemed hopeless, but the captain prayed to the Virgin Mary for assistance. In his despair he vowed to donate the most beautiful statue of the Madonna he could find in Genoa. Immediately a strange light appeared above the Franciscan Monastery at the foot of the Tafonata forest. The captain kept his promise and the statue was erected in the monastery church. During the 16th century, when the Turks destroyed the monastery, the statue of the Madonna was saved. It was carried by mule high up into the mountains of the Niolo. When the mule reached the village of Casamaccioli, it suddenly threw the statue to the ground. The statue was placed in the Chapel of Saint Antoine near the cemetery. The next day it miraculously reappeared in the middle of the village.After this had happened several times, the shepherds of the Niolu built a church dedicated to the Virgin. Ever since that day, they have celebrated the festival of the Nativity of the Virgin.

Ferdinand Gregorovius wrote in his history of Corsica in 1852 about this region of Corsica: "In this region dwell the strongest men on Corsica, patriarchal shepherds who have faithfully maintained the tradition of their forebearers. Info taken from Here.

buying candles to burn
a media event

a pretty building and a place to make money

children kissing the feet of the statue and those giving offerings

The faithful Corsican Ladies who hold strong to their traditions.

above photo of the church is from here.
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Corsica National Anthem...Corsica Facts

The Corsican National Anthem, Dio Vi Salvi, Regina, is a hymn to the the blessed Virgin Mary. And of course sang in the Corsican polyphony style in the Corse language. It was created in 1735.Once when we first arrived here, I was studying in an internet cafe and a group of guys busted into a polyphonic song in the mid afternoon.  Holding their ears and singing down each others throats, see the video to understand. No one else there seem to be bothered so I went on with my afternoon enjoying the new music. 

Here are the first three verses: 

May the Lord protect you, Queen
And universal mother
By whose favor we are received
Into paradise.

You are the joy and the delight
Of the inconsolable
Of the tormented
The unique hope.

Welcome us poor sinners
Into your Holy veil
And reveal your
Son to us.

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God is Good

I just wanted to take the time to count the blessings in my life right now, the blessings the Lord has graciouly given me, one who is undeserving.

Great friends here in Corsica that have reached out to us more then they know, the Bible and its continuous peace and teachings it gives me, updated photos of baby T, worshiping the Lord with friends, morning cuddles with Sadie, trails and strengthened characteristics, the ability to trust something beyond my understanding and desire, random kisses on the forehead, skyping with family, great friends coming back to Corte for school.


Shannon Cunningham Photography and this is part of downtown Corte.


Christpher Columbus...Corsican Facts

Napoleon was, of course, the most famous Corsican, however few people know that Christopher Columbus was born in Corsica. His house was in the citadel village of Calvi and still, partially, stands today and comes complete with a historical plaque.

Though Genoa claims his birth place, the truth is known on Corisca that he was born here. They believe that the when Genoa took over Corsica they stole/lost the files or didnt....or something along those lines. Columbus even dedicated the first lands he discovered to Corsican saints.

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Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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