Just some happenings Part 3

Our friend from California, Wy, stop by after taking a cruise ship over from San Francisco. She then went to visit some friends in Germany. She is one active lady! It was really good to see her and hear some more of her stories. She stayed with our friend Annette at here B&B.

 We helped some friends host an 'Egyptian Soiree' at he University. The girls put on a little Egyptian dance, but I will spar you the pain of watching it. ;)

 We had to renew our Visa to stay here another year...it just happen to fall right around when all the riots where happening becuase of the change in the Retirement age here in France. When we were in the Court house, you could here people throwing rocks at it and Police had their shields blocking the door....we had to be escorted out. ;) No one was injured, its all really just a scare tactic that doesn't work, espcially when it mostly comes from teenage boys.

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Just some happenings Part 2

 Happy 25th Birthday Nico! We have enjoyed Nico and Marie's friends over the last year, and Sadie playing with their son who is just a month older.

Its so sweet seeing Matt laying down with Sadie reading one of her favorite books...

 We went with some friend to the "Wind Festival" and they had a hippy-like-carousel ride/show. I am not sure, but It think she enjoyed it?



Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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