I do watch my daughter...I promise

I was picking up Sadie's room (she was suppose to be helping me) but instead when I went to make her come back in the room this is what I saw...She got into the pantry and was eating cooking chocolate and using the rug as a blanket (gross!)

what ma? {yes, she calls me Ma}

You want me to do what? "hand it over, now sadie!"

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Loux Famly

I came across this cool ministry, www.adoptionfathers.com, though this family's blog. AdoptionFathers.com was started by a father who could find any helpful resources during their adoption process..he now has several video interviews of fellow adoption fathers, some wit 6+ adopted. He asks questions about all the fiances, the long and confusing paperwork, the fears of not loving the child like you own and more, and more. Just thought I would share with those of you who are in the adoption process as well (or will be soon!) Watch this video of meeting his daughter for the fist time, it is very touching. Click HERE.

Derek Loux Please continue praying for the Loux family, who loss their father, Derek, last December to in a car accident. Derek at the young age of 37, left behind his wife and 10 children, 8 adopted, including special needs sons from the Ukraine. Ethan, one of them, was just 11 pounds when he was adopted at age 5. Renee, his wife runs the Orphan Justice Center which guides other families through the adoption process. She said, "Our personal goal when Derek was still alive was to take in 30 children," Renee said. "And I’m still carrying that torch."

"My friends, adoption is redemption. It’s costly, exhausting, expensive, and outrageous. Buying back lives costs so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed Him." -Derek

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Finally another Texan Here in Corisca! Maybe you have heard of him...

.... Lance Armstrong

There was race here in Corisca this weekend and Team Radio Shack with Lance raced in it! It was a beautiful day so we drove down to watch the start... I think he was able to tell that we too are from Texas so when he took his hat off to put his helmet on he gave the hat to us. There weren't a lot of fans out so we were just standing on the sidelines right beside all the action. I hope Corsica Treats you well Lance.

Here is a short video for the fans out there. I think that there were more reporters then people out...
Matt grabbed some video of all the reporters interviewing him pre-race and then a few seconds of him chatting it up at the starting line and I tried to get him racing by but I stopped to at the exact moment that he comes by...

And Lance's competition, Contador {who beat lance in the race but neither did too well}

HEY LANCE-look over here! We are from Texas too and you are the first American we have seen in a long time.

Umm....who should i give my hat to? how about that good-looking family obviously from the Lonestar State...

Samuel didn't even know who Lance was...and Sadie could not care less....

Sadie showing me the water bottle #27... Lance's teammate handed us...sorry I don't know who you are #27...

when we got home matt went out on the porch and was pretending to be in the race {with his live strong hat} and I snuck a photo....

After the race we explored Porto Vecchio a bit and saw these cool rocks just out in the water so I made Samuel take a picture....On the way home from the race we detoured to visit Delphin in his village, Antisanti and he took us up to see the beautiful view. Nice pose Delphin...

There was a fun park that we found...Sadie loved it and we met a cool couple from Porto Vecchio with 2 girls around Sadie's age...here she is playing with them. The husband was very eager to talk about American Politics and thinks that everyone in Texas carries a gun!

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here are some links I want to share with you...
1.Love146.org is an organization that brings awareness and justice to the Modern day Slavery, sex trafficking. A group traveled to South East Asia on an exploratory trip to determine how they could serve in the fight against child sex trafficking. In one experience, a couple of our co-founders were taken undercover with investigators to a brothel, where they witnessed children being sold for sex. Please pray for this little girls. They said that Menus were handed out with pictures of what the little girls could do: Age 11 ____ can ___ for $25, for $100 ___. Please spread the word and lets fight against this. Even if all you can offer are prayers. stop now and pray.

2.HERE, guidepost has the story of how the President of World Vision came into his position. He was making a rather good living as CEO of a large company (with a 10 bedroom house and company jag) prior to accepting the job. I wont give away major details but it was very interesting. He said, "My corporate career, my comfortable life, my safe and tidy church involvement—all of it was just prologue, maybe even a distraction from serving the Jesus I had committed my life to 25 years earlier. I knew then that if I truly wanted to follow that Jesus, I would have to follow the one who gave himself for the poor and dispossessed."

3. I also want to share another great non-profit that does children sponsorships like World Vision. If you are skeptical of where you money goes, if it really makes a difference or if the company is genuine. Read this awesome Mom's story of her Trip with Compassion to Africa, where she met some of the sponsored child. {from wearethatfamilyblog}

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yes, mom?

...What are you staring at? The other day Sadie was playing with her blocks and I heard some weird 'tapping' noise, I turned around and saw this....

I am not sure how she walked in those tiny blocks but it sure did look funny.

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Copain de Sadie

We enjoyed dinner last weekend and meeting Matt's football coach's family. He has a precious 2 year (just a few months older then Sadie). They had a blast together! I am really excited because we have a play date this morning so thought I should share how cute this little boy is! He is a really smart boy...he knew his letters and was talking a lot....he could really teach Sadie (Me). Dinner was delicious and she made Tiramisus.....it was so pretty, I had to take a picture of it.

Copain is friend in French! They were a little awkward at first (precious) but you can see in the 2nd video...Sadie is her normal self.

They were in his Bedroom playing and laughing, then Sadie came around the corning wearing his shoes...it was too cute.

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Serious Paintballing...

Our Friends Stephani & JB told us about JB's paintball skills...He plays on a Team here in Corsica and they compete in competitions on the Mainland. So we went to check out one of their practices, which was in a village on the East Coast. {about an hour away from Corte} I didnt realize how serious there were! But they have done really well in tournaments winning lots of prizes. They had practice set up in a gym and use little sponge balls instead of paint. {which took forever to clean up!} JB's brother couldnt make it so they asked Matt to play...he wasnt exactly prepared for this. It was quite funny watching him trying to communicate in French and get as serious as they were. He didnt have the padding on like most of them did and got a big bruise right on his knee cap! leave him some love.

This is Matt in the left hand corner, he didnt ever try to get any further....

Before Stephanie got there to hang our with us on the sidelines, Sadie and I went for a walk and explored the village. There where steps all the up the side of a hill so we climbed them to see view. (and to use up her energy so she would sleep on the way home!)

I just thought this door was pretty so I made her pose for me.


Lunch with friends

A few weekends ago we had lunch with our Friends Stephanie and JB in their village Poretta. (north of Corte).

on the way we had to stop and wait on the sheep and their Shepard.

Stephanie and JB are building a house next to JB's parents so for now they are living with them to save money. They have a beautiful view of the ocean....check it out beloew. Stephanie is amazing cook and said that she loves to host people...I am hoping she will sharing some of her knowledge and skills with me! Isnt this so delicious looking? (and it was!)

Hi JB!

Look how blue the water is...I have never seen anything like it.

Stage 1 of the new house!

These next photos are our attempts to get a cute picture with our daughter...as you can see it is not easy these days.

How bout, I show my belly for the picture? Please dont...ok whatever...

This was right outside of there driveway...I wish we would have saw it before we nearly stepped in to the pile of cow poop..

Have you seen the trends in photos these days from Sadie...shes a goof.


Uganda Necklace. Full Circle of Love!

We have partnered with 147millionorphans.com to Sell these necklaces.

147 Orphans is an organization created to promote awareness of the 147 million orphans around the world. {yes 147 million} It was started by 2 moms who have 13 kids, 7 adopted between the 2 of them.
And they graciously offer to partner with adopting families!

Ugandan Magazine Necklaces

About the necklace: 147millionorphans.com are proud to partner with Katie Davis and the wonderful women of the Karamojong tribe in Uganda to offer you these beautiful necklaces created by hand and from re-cycled magazines. Their goal is to help these women maintain sustainable income for their families.

You also help Katie Davis and her AWESOME ministry {you must check out her story}, you help feed hungry children and you help bring the light to the Karamojong Tribe! You must also read about how the Karamojong Ministry got started. God is Good!

Suggested Donation:
$20 + $2 if shipping is needed

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Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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