Christmas & New Years in Corsica

I know it has been a whole month now but I thought I would share since I finally uploaded all of our videos. Christmas was calm around here, we missed family a lot. We were able to skype with them all through he Holidays which helped. We are so lucky to have modern technology! We spent Christmas day with Annette, her father and 2 of her daughters and Christmas evening with Chanti and her husband. We got a wonderful care package from our family and Sadie loved her new purse, her cute Webkinz dog and Alphabet game! Thanks guys!
Here is what Christmas with the family looked like on our side of the world, there were playing Chinese Christmas...

Our supervisors gave us some candy canes from the states which helped us keep some traditions from home, and we handed some out to our friends and Sadie's teachers, with The History of the Candy Cane Attached.

We spent New Years Eve at Annette's, she had a dinner party with Guest from Italy and around Corsica. I went over earlier in the day to help prepare and while the pork was roasting, the large glass pan that it was in broke in-half....almost starting a fire in the oven! It wasn't at the time, but now looking back we have a good laugh. Dinner turned out just fine and very delicious. The appetizers were another story for me, we had our choice or raw salmon, oysters and Pate (the liver of forced feed ducks or other animals). I went for the salmon.

Annette was a great host! And Sadie got to eat with her daughter, Amandine...she thought she was so cool. Amandine lived in the states until she was 7ish, so she speaks pretty good English. She is a really cute, funny girl and taught me how to play some French Cards games!

Short video from dinner:

One of Annette's friends is puppeteer and he was the Entertainment for the night. I didnt know what to expect, but he is very talented! I will have to admit the 'witch' was quite scary, her name was aubergine, Eggplant in English.

Robert (pronounced with out the T) did a great job getting everybody involved and entertained.

And the night ended with everyone going around, saying Bonne Annee with 2 cheek kisses to Everyone! I had to sneak and get a short video...

Grandma Sherry –   – (February 20, 2010 at 2:01 AM)  

so, is that Matt kissing people on the cheek, nice

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