God is Good

I just wanted to take the time to count the blessings in my life right now, the blessings the Lord has graciouly given me, one who is undeserving.

Great friends here in Corsica that have reached out to us more then they know, the Bible and its continuous peace and teachings it gives me, updated photos of baby T, worshiping the Lord with friends, morning cuddles with Sadie, trails and strengthened characteristics, the ability to trust something beyond my understanding and desire, random kisses on the forehead, skyping with family, great friends coming back to Corte for school.


Shannon Cunningham Photography and this is part of downtown Corte.


Christpher Columbus...Corsican Facts

Napoleon was, of course, the most famous Corsican, however few people know that Christopher Columbus was born in Corsica. His house was in the citadel village of Calvi and still, partially, stands today and comes complete with a historical plaque.

Though Genoa claims his birth place, the truth is known on Corisca that he was born here. They believe that the when Genoa took over Corsica they stole/lost the files or didnt....or something along those lines. Columbus even dedicated the first lands he discovered to Corsican saints.

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Cosican Coke...Corsica Facts

Did you know that a Corsican invented coke, or at least played a huge role? That's what they say. But of course when it was invented it had something to do with wine.

Coke was invented by Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a local Pharmacist of Atlanta, he made the first syrup for the drink in a three legged brass kettle in his backyard. It came from his obsession of finding the ultimate medicine and an excellent drink all rolled into one. (aren't we still looking for that!) During those times reports about the health benefits of the coca plant had gripped the world. It was known to have stimulant, aphrodisiac and digestive properties (so coke IS good for us...haha). With so many uses, coca was naturally the plant that Pemberton had been looking for. HOWEVER Angelo Mariani, a Corsican had already made a coca wine, called Vin Mariani using coca leaves. This drink was a huge success in Europe.

Encouraged by the success of the Vin Mariani, Pemberton launched his own brand - Pemberton's French Wine Coca which he advertised as the 'intellectual beverage'. Pemberton soon realized that it would not be possible for him to sell a drink that was based on alcohol. Hence he started working on the formula of a temperance drink that would have extract of coca leaves and kola nuts but would not have alcohol. Finally in 1886 he landed on the formula of Coca-Cola syrup.

They even have their own Corsican Cola. And I like it....I mean its good for me and I just feel smarter drinking it!

The Coke of The Head Strong!

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His First Birthday

Today is the birthday of the little boy we are trying to adopt, well at least the date that we gave him. He turns one today and I as I think of him, the millions of others who do not get to celebrate birthdays became heavy on my heart. I realize one year olds do not remember their first birthdays, but you would not think this the way by the way we treat first birthdays in the West. There are often multiple parties, lots of presents, food and even a cake just for the little one (which is the most fun!). I don't know, maybe they are really meant to celebrate the parents, the fact that they survived the first year of parenting and sleeping a lot less. Either way, there is nothing inherently wrong with this until, however, you take something else into consideration....the other half. Don't get me wrong I am right in the mix when it comes time to celebrating first birthdays and still will be celebrating birthdays to come but I pray, in a new light. A Light of knowing the other half. Sometimes it all seems a bit ridiculous when you consider the overwhelming number of children who do not possess the basic needs for life.

How did we get so far away from what the early church was known for? Is it solely becuase its out of sight out of mind? Or is it really just too hard? Should where you live, determine if you live? Or if you have a family to celebrate birthdays with? When you think about what the cost of one birthday party can do for a child in other parts of the world it simply no longer adds up for me.....some kids are dying from something stupid like diarrhea. And on the other hand seeing the outcome of spoiled children and their struggles in life makes it really not worth it.

A challenge for all the mothers out there including me, please celebrate you child's first birthday. Children are indeed a blessing and parties are indeed fun and great part of childhood. We will be eating cake on those special days....Let's just not forget those precious children who will likely never taste cake unless we step in and help.

To the little one,

We do not have connection with you, nor do we even know God's plan for you in our lives, but today I feel like the best present I can give you is fasting and praying all day for your precious life. Maybe this will be a good discipline to start for all my kids (to come) on their special day..or maybe the next day after the cake.

This is from The Shaping of Things to Come, which talks about missional Living. I am currently reading it and I would definitely recommend it. It came out seven years ago, but says the same things as in The Radical Series.

"Generosity and hospitality were hallmarks of the Christian movement from the start. And this took the form of costly and radical sharing. As worthwhile as food drives and Christmas hampers might be, much of the church’s Generosity is not terribly costly for believers. Selfless, humble, and gracious generosity will mark the church as a unique source of salt and light in the community. Clearly the early church, centered on the apostles’ teaching about Jesus, saw generosity as an obviously expression of Christilikeness." 

Lord Help me truely undestand this; truely give for you and your desires and truely understand sacrifice.

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Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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