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During our trip to visit with our friends, we took the girls to a near by park and I snapped some photos! Both of our little GIRLS look a lot like there daddies....its a good thing they are both pretty boys. Kyra and I went to the park with one of her new friends there in Italy and it was really cool to hear her speak Italian, though I didn't understand a word....I was really proud of her sacrificing time and energy to learn a new language so she could communicate where God has her. It really motivated me to study more...thanks Krya and all you other people who are learning a new language. 

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Boss your heart

boss your heart. great post. much needed. head over there and read it.

Sweet little 4 yr girl who was adopted from Serbia with congenital heart defects. She was abandoned at the hospital when her family found out and hospitals in Serbia could not repair her sweet heart. At the end of 2009 she was adopted by an awesome family and had a forever home. She under went open-heart surgery in S.A, TX in April but went to be with Jesus this last week, within 8 months of coming home.

Like the blogger above said on her blog:

"God doesn't always promise us a happy ending, but he promises us the best. And Chrissie, regardless of her short time on earth, was the best.   That's why it's so important that we put our worries and our fears aside - shed that the protective coating we wear around our hearts- and do something with the gift of our lives. Adoption allowed Chrissie to truly live her days on this earth. Adoption was the difference of Chrissie dying alone in an orphanage or having the chance to change the world. And that is exactly what she did.Adoption is huge- if you don't believe me- just ask God how important it is to Him."

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moving along..through Rome

As many of you may know, we are currently living in Corsica, France, an island south of France close to Italy. And Rome is just a 4 hour ferry, and 3 hour train ride away....weird huh? For the adoption process we had to have Fingerprints done at a US embassy and since there was not one on the island we chose to travel to Rome (shucks!) where we could visit with and stay with some good friends we met at training. It was such a blessing to see them and catch up, especially letting Sadie and their precious little girl play together. We had our very own english speaking tour guides. We were also able to meet up with one of our new friends, Mina, who is now doing an internship in Rome.

The most interesting part were the "Holy Steps", the story is that the marble was brought from Jerusalem to Rome about 326 by Helena, mother of Constantine the first christian emperor. The marble was once the steps leading to the prætorium of Pilate at Jerusalem, hence, they believe sanctified by the footsteps of Jesus during his Passion. In 1908 the Pope granted a plenary indulgence to be gained as often as the stairs are devoutly climbed by knee after confession and communion.

Therefore, there were and are tons of people who come in hopes of this free indulgence subscribe by a Pope, a human. 

Below is the Vatican, where the Pope lives. There were tons of tourist there in hopes of hearing him. We did not pay to go inside St. Peters but just seeing it on the outside, as well as the 100's of other huge church buildings on ever corner was eye opening. I do not know a lot about all the history but I do not that the Pope had people go around selling indulgences to build some of these church buildings. These buildings were built when people didn't have food to eat.

all the tourist at The Trevi Fountain...

I love this photo because both Sadie and Matt are staring up with their mouth open, inside the Pantheon.

And this is how Sadie felt about it all....

let me just take my shoes off and put some bubble wrap on my the Vatican. Thanks for letting us use your stroller, karrs!

this is what we saw coming out of the metro made it really surreal that we were acutally in Rome.

I love the girls in this photo...come on daddy, this is boring.This was inside the massive church in their neighborhood.

the Roman soldiers just wanted to say Hi.

This is where they believe Apostle Paul was imprisoned.

Thanks for the much needed time of encouragement, refreshment and prayer!

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alexia & philip

Two weekends ago we went down to meet up with some friends, Alexia & Philippe in their village and took Sadie to a little school's children festival. His mom and younger sister came along as well. Sadie was afraid of all the clowns and wouldn't get near them, as well as the face painting...she was missing out on all the fun. We, however, got in on some action and tried the "Drunken Walk Test" were you wear goggles that make you 'see' as of you were drunken. It really threw off your balance and was difficult...So Don't Try is for Real.

Philippe "Come on Sadie, come see the clown and get a balloon." Sadie "Nooooo..." as she runs away.

The bunny stole a hug from Alexia.

ofcorsica. The announcer at the Kid's festival smoked as he introduces Pinocchio...

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County Fair in Corisca=

Fete de Fromage.....The Cheese Festival! Matt, Francesca and I met up with some new friends, Alexia & Philip, at the Fete de Fromage and got to taste A LOT of cheese....some stinky, some really old, some soft, some with green stuff growing on it, some STRONGER then others...well it's not as bad as it sounds but it has taken some getting use to. It was cool to see everyone come together to sell their homemade products and hang out with each other. It reminded me a lot of our county fair back in Texas, but of course with a huge Corsican twist...(and no cotton candy). After Sadie's nap, we went back out to have some dinner and meet up with Paul & to meet his grandmother (a friend from Football Americano). It turned out that his grandmother has written a Corsican Cookbook and was there giving autographs. Maybe I will attempt a recipe soon...I'll keep you informed. We also ran into Delphin and his mom & sister they were hanging out at the 'Antisanti Village table'. As we were sitting there I heard someone say, "Bonjour Sadie" was a girl who did an internship at Sadie's daycare and fortunately spoke some English. She told me that she would help Sadie at snack time to sweet. It was nice getting to know her and meet her family. So, that's a taste of small town life in Corsica!

This gentleman has Corsican written all over him.

No Turkey Legs but Wild boar anyone? let's just roast the whole thing...and there was a long line for a sandwich, where they would just go cut some meat of and put in on some bread.

Fried Brocciu Cheese...I forgot what it was called but it was Good!
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Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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