This last week we had some visitors, though they were kind-of random, English speaking visitors non-the-less. We had our home study interview for the adoption and our social worker (who is an American citizen but lives and works out of Germany) brought along his wife for a mini get-away. The interview went well and we were also able to meet his wife and show them around Corte. She loves pottery so we went to a local potter that we have met though friends. The owner is in his mid-80's and still going strong...its that Corsican Cheese! The guy you see making the pottery is his son. We had a great time getting to know Randy and his wife. Please pray that God will continue to confirm His lead in the adoption with an smooth approval!

Next we met up with a lady who I met through the blog world. When we first got to Corsica I was doing research trying to learn more about it and came across her blog. She was actually raised in South American because her family from Corsica migrated there. But she has been in Florida since she was 18. She still has relatives here in Corsica and loves to come and visit. She started a blog about traveling here and it has a lot of really helpful information. While she was here, she took us to visit a near by river and to see see some waterfalls. Then we met up with our friendAnnette who owns a Bed & Breakfast in a near by village. Despite the rain, it was a great day getting to know her and her friend. (who is Italian but looks German!)

An old Shepard's house...

Gotta love him...

Poor Sadie, we just tug her along where ever we go!

though she was a bit scared at the sounds of the water rushing...can you see them waiting for us back on the rock?

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Jessica  – (April 21, 2010 at 1:24 PM)  

Great photos, Kelly. And I bet Sadie loves being along for her many rides!

Anonymous –   – (July 21, 2010 at 2:45 PM)  

Hi guys!

Hope you're doing well. I bet right now it's hot in Corsica. Now is the time to refresh at the Restonica.

I was doing some work on my blog and I noticed some incoming links so I clicked on one and I was happy to see the photos of our visit, 3 months later!! (Better late than never).

I can't believe how cold it was that day. A few days later we drove to Bonifacio and we had to remove our jackets because it was warm.

Thanks for posting these photos!

Take care,

PS emailing you soon.


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