Easter in Linguizzetta

Matt and I spent Easter day with Lucie's Family in her village. We wanted to have a lunch on the beach but it turned out to be a very rainy and cold day so we celebrated with a Traditional Corsican Easter Lunch, lamb. And for dessert a semi-sweet bread with whole eggs placed in the dough before baking. (and they are like hard boiled eggs when finished).

I was invited to stay with Lucie in her village and Matt graciously took Sadie for the night so that I could focus on learning french! She took me on a long walk exploring the near by villages, I think we walked to about 3 or 4 all with only about 40 residents during the winter months. And each one had their own Catholic Church with days of the year that are dedicated to them, their are not enough Priests to go around so only about one Mass is conducted in each village per year. On way back the rain started coming down a lot harder then we anticipated and we were drench! Its been awhile since I have played in the rain.

The rain went away by the morning and we were able to go a beautiful hike together up the mountain to see a panoramic view of her village and a beautiful cross, we had lunch together up there and enjoyed the breeze and conversation. What a beautiful way to close out the Easter weekend. Now the way back down was a different story, we seemed to have gotten off track somewhere and ended up following the pig trail which was overgrown and we had to basically walk on our knees to get through. Thank goodness we had her dog with us who lead us back to the right trail...aren't dogs so smart!

Linguizzetta from the top of the trail.

The smart dog! I am so glad he came with us!
The cross at the top of the Hike.

A old monastery that she showed me.
Lucie said that this good ole truck was the mascot of one of the towns we walked through.

We met up with Matt and Sadie at the beach after wards, to enjoy some more of the rays before the left us!

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Christi  – (April 8, 2010 at 6:18 AM)  

How amazing is that? Gorgeous pictures!

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