a little adoption update

We are still in the paper-chase phase but we have completed our homestudy interviews! We are glad that, that is finished. Once we get the official home-study approval papers in the next week or so we can apply for different grants and we plan on applying for a lot! We are in crunch time now to get certain fees paid so we can continue to move forward and get this little child that God has chosen for us home! Although we do have the means to welcome another child in our home and to take care of them, we do not have the $1000's for the adoption fees sitting around. Document fees, translation fees, legal fees, medical fees, travel fees...all the very important and needed fees add up fast! We have already been so blessed by your help and we are forever thankful. We are still working on getting one more raffle together. $300+ in giftcards! How cool would it be to win that! Be on the lookout!

I finally got some updated photos of Sadie, see the post before this one. And a fellow adoptive family is doing a giveaway for her upcoming etsy store (that will be open this Friday). Check out their blog and help support their adoption with her beautiful handmade Ethiopian & Korean Bows! Aren't they so adorably cute!

The Summers Family

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3 Blessings  – (April 22, 2010 at 2:38 PM)  

Congrats on completing your homestudy :)

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