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ROOM FOR ONE MORE BLOGSPOT: A fellow adoptive family needs our help. They are adopting 2 precious girls with down syndrome from Eastern Europe, where adoption for these two girls is a matter of life a death. If the orphans who have special needs in eastern Europe do not get adopted, they get moved to a mental institution... an insane asylum... and they spend the rest of their life in a crib. For orphans with special needs, this is a death sentence because they will not get medical care when they are in a mental institution, and with inadequate food & inadequate interaction with other human beings, they don't often have a long life after being transferred. Although the family does have room and the money needed to raise more children they do not have the $30,000 just sitting around to pay all the adoption fees to get the girls home. The post I linked up above is very moving, its a long but worth the time!

Great Mother's Day Necklace!
Tom Davis, HopeChest and partner together to help stop sex trafficing in Russia. Check out Tom Davis' trip to Moldova, he was shown the 'cafe' known for hubbing girls. "In fact, they're here right now. And so are the girls who are being trafficked. They lure girls here for a job. Then they are sent to Turkey, Israel, and Russia." Let's Pray. They need our help.
"We are excited to announce today the beginning of a partnership between and Children's HopeChest to "Break the Chain" of sex trafficking and orphanhood in Eastern Europe. We have launched a Mother's Day necklace to bring you the Love Goes Around necklace. When you buy this necklace for your mother, wife, sister, or daughter, proceeds will support the women in the video you saw and help victims of sex trafficking in Moldova

I do not know what I would do if my baby girl had to go through either one of those horrors. Lord, keep opening our eyes to how we can help girls near and far.

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