Corte Easter Procession

All over Corsica on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, penitents parade in a long procession, barefoot and wearing cowls on their heads while a large crowd follows them. In the first procession as you see in the first photo, they carry Jesus on the Cross and on Good Friday they carry a flat piece of wood, with Him laid out and Mother Mary following Him. They are also singing songs in the Corsican Language. In a town called Sartene, which is known to be very Corsican, you will find the famous Good Friday procession. You will see a guy dressed in a red robe and hood. Nobody knows who he is but the Priest, and they believe that all the man's sins up until that point are forgiven. Some people wait on the waiting list for 40 years to get this privilege. We didnt make it to this procession this year because we wanted to see the one in our town but you can see more photos of it Here. Shes says, that like Jesus on his way to the cross, the penitent falls three times along the way and the onlookers recite the Lord’s Prayer whilst he rests on the ground.

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