Lunch with friends

A few weekends ago we had lunch with our Friends Stephanie and JB in their village Poretta. (north of Corte).

on the way we had to stop and wait on the sheep and their Shepard.

Stephanie and JB are building a house next to JB's parents so for now they are living with them to save money. They have a beautiful view of the ocean....check it out beloew. Stephanie is amazing cook and said that she loves to host people...I am hoping she will sharing some of her knowledge and skills with me! Isnt this so delicious looking? (and it was!)

Hi JB!

Look how blue the water is...I have never seen anything like it.

Stage 1 of the new house!

These next photos are our attempts to get a cute picture with our you can see it is not easy these days.

How bout, I show my belly for the picture? Please dont...ok whatever...

This was right outside of there driveway...I wish we would have saw it before we nearly stepped in to the pile of cow poop..

Have you seen the trends in photos these days from Sadie...shes a goof.

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