Serious Paintballing...

Our Friends Stephani & JB told us about JB's paintball skills...He plays on a Team here in Corsica and they compete in competitions on the Mainland. So we went to check out one of their practices, which was in a village on the East Coast. {about an hour away from Corte} I didnt realize how serious there were! But they have done really well in tournaments winning lots of prizes. They had practice set up in a gym and use little sponge balls instead of paint. {which took forever to clean up!} JB's brother couldnt make it so they asked Matt to play...he wasnt exactly prepared for this. It was quite funny watching him trying to communicate in French and get as serious as they were. He didnt have the padding on like most of them did and got a big bruise right on his knee cap! leave him some love.

This is Matt in the left hand corner, he didnt ever try to get any further....

Before Stephanie got there to hang our with us on the sidelines, Sadie and I went for a walk and explored the village. There where steps all the up the side of a hill so we climbed them to see view. (and to use up her energy so she would sleep on the way home!)

I just thought this door was pretty so I made her pose for me.

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