A Sunday Drive

On Sunday we took a little break from the language learning and explore some small corsica villages in the mountains. I do not know which town is which but here are some of the names, Sermano, Carticasi, Aiti, Cambia if you would like to lift them up. They are not French names, they are Corsu. Maybe one day will we know somebody from one of these villages!
Little villages are scattered all over the Mountians, it really makes me wonder how they decided on certain spots and why they moved away from the other towns. And they built a lot of these towns over 100+ years ago....no modern machines to help build!
Sometimes I think the towns are movie sets because they are just so beautiful and nothing like I have ever known.
Just a cool, old bridge along the way.
Wildboar is a very traditional Corsican dinner. I am not sure why they hang the skins like these, maybe as trophies?

This is Sadie's favorite part, stopping for the cows to cross.
Hey mama pig, can you please get out of the road?

We stopped to watch the pigs go by and they were very curious creatures.

Our attempt to get a good picture together......

Here are a few clips of driving, some of our friends & family have been wanting to really see what its like here. I will try and get a video clip of our Down town area soon.

Just another video of driving around, that will probably only interest our moms...

Sarah W –   – (February 21, 2010 at 5:06 AM)  

i love it!!! :) thanks for doing all the videos--they're so fun. :)

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