Happy 32nd!

Matt's parents celebrated their 32nd anniversary this past week. I was just thinking, that is a long time...its longer then I have been alive. (sorry guys) They must be full of advice for us rookies, I need to take more advantage of that. God has blessed us with people that how gone before us, that can teach us and prevent some of the same heartaches. I am glad that they represent Christ in marriage and that they are an example of submission and grace. There is proof that through the Lord's way, marriage can last a lifetime, and not only last but be filled with love. I have been encouraged this week through different Godly Marriage advice and through scriptural about what God desires out of wives. Here is a message from Matt Chandler on Marriage, that really unblinded my eyes, Click Here.

Here are the love birds! you would never guess their, age. They both got good genetic jeans.
Mike, Matt's dad, isn't exactly the kissy type for photos. But, the last time we did family photos, he was the only one that didn't response to "Now, everybody kiss your spouse". So Sherry and I were able to get him to do some fun photos this time. (I love all the kids faces in this picture, and poor Leif, Matt's youngest brother)

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Thank you Kelly, We love you lots!

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