A Corsican Meal

I had my first true Corsica meal today! We met a Corsican lady, Annette, that lived in the States for 20 years so she speaks English. She now owns a Huge bed-n-breakfast up the road and has agreed to trade help for French! So today, I helped her with a conference she hosted for an electric company. She cooked a very traditional Corsican meal: figatelli, which is smoked, pork liver sausage and Polenta, which is a gooey Italian bread but made with Chestnut flour. Chestnuts are one of the things Corsica is known for, in fact we went to a Chestnut Festival over the weekend...The Polenta and Figatelli was served with friend eggs and red wine...yes, even during a work conference they had wine. Overall, it was pretty good, even the sausage but I kept picturing what is was which made by tummy and brain fight. And the Polenta was very different, it had a sweet taste to it...I think that is one of those tastes that grow on you.
This meal is what they used to eat for Christmas dinner, back in the old days. In some villages, they would have a bonfire in the square and share a meal until Midnight Mass.

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