more videos of animals, a waterfall and our fist snow in corte

(sidenote - multiple post, please scroll down & disclaimer, Matt says that I am always misspelling things, etc. IN my defense, by the time I get all the pictures and videos uploaded, and on here, I have no time to proof read, and I am a horrible please just bare with me!)

Last weekend we went to a "Chestnut Festival", we thought it would be this real outdoorsy type thing but we were a little disappointed. Due to the chance of snow, it was under a large tent and it ended up being a bunch of local venders selling their goods. It was fun to look at all the neat things but they seem to be even more expensive. All we got was a 8 euro bag of candy nuts. We did get to meet some people and spend sometime with with are team leaders. All that to say, on our way we took a little detour (not on purpose) and came across this waterfall. It was crazy, it was so beautiful and only about a 10 minute hike up to get a good look. The Corsicans seem to have everything right around the corner, on this island. I wonder how many young ones take the beauty for granted...bc back when I was young I would have. :)

We also got to see some more pigs & piglets and there was the smallest runt I have ever seen. It was super cute, I really wanted to take it home. (sorry it is a little hazy, the sun was really bright)

It was so little, We had to hold it...we snuck past the mom (we gave her some chips and she couldn't have cared less, kind of like me)

Next, we had to wait for some nosy goats to walk across the street.

And last but not least, we were just hanging out in the kitchen and next thing I knew, I saw snow flakes outside! I know it is not that big of a deal....but i have never been in or around snow. It is pretty cool, hopefully it wont get old! Sadie wasnt quite sure what to think.

liz –   – (February 21, 2010 at 5:01 AM)  

I absolutely love those piggies! Corte is truly a great location for exploring the island and those waterfalls look awesome. Thanks for sharing Kelly! You're giving your daughter a lifetime of experiences.

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