Yosemite from a spectator....

Matt's Brother, Brad, AKA Bailey and Emilee's Dad , came to visit for Matt's Bday last weekend. They took a Manly, bros trip to Yosemite. I believe that they had a good time...I got bits a peices of different stories. They are very competitive, imagine that! Brad wins the award this time becuase he made it the furthest up half Dome. you see that line of Black, I thought it was just the rope they had to climb...but no those are people climbing...one right behind each other. Crazy to me!
Even though Brad won, I was informed that he got them lost several times. :)Anyways, it looks beautiful from the pictures...perfect day. Thanks for the pictures Brad.

I am not sure about all the thumbs ups......
I on the other hand, I had all weekend to myself..well, two small exceptions: Sadie amd a stomach virus. Luckily, I recovered Friday afternoon from the stomach virus and after being in the house all day, I had to leave. With no car, I was forced to walk everywhere...it was kind of nice..don't tell. So Sadie and I walk to Starbucks and read/hung out for a while and then walked back to campus for Family Worship Night. Doug and Reann played and sang for us...it was great. I never knew Reann could play the drums or whatever that was she was playing. Then on Sat I met up with Liz and we went to a Rich, Tennis Pros vs Celebrity at a country club. We go tickets because Golden Gate let them use their parking lot! Above: some famous Tennis Players and B list Celebs Below:Martina Hingis & mary joe Fernadez

Then Sat night I hung out with Shannon and Carsyn so cute! Well I am not sure why I felt lead to tell you all about my weekend.....Peace!

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