Happy 1st Birthday Lydia!

Happy Birthday Lydia! We went over the the Watts house for a impompt birthday get-together so the little ones could play. Seyan and Matt are friends of ours that found out they were pregnant on their 6th month anniversary, right after Matt and I got to seminary. I, being a newlywed, could not believe it and secretly was glad it wasn't us. I am sure the Lord had a great laugh on that day, because 3 months later we found out we were expecting, on our 4 month anniversary. May 21, 2007...we will never forget that day! She didn't quite know what to do....

no driving in, she was a very graceful 1st birthday cake eater.
And Of Course here comes Sadie...

I like it..what do you think?
Is there any cake left?
I just need to get away from these girls.
I love my bunny...
Great Party Mom!

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