Man, Am I glad that it is Friday! I live for the weekends. However, this week I will be glad if I live through it. I cannot believe that My half Marathon is here! I am pretty nervous because I have ran about twice in the last 3 weeks....egh. My life has been pretty crazy and I peeked way to early. I ran 13 miles about 4 weeks ago so I have not been that motivated to make it to all the trainings. I have a feeling I will really regret it come Sunday Morning. I really wanted to run the best I could with getting to train and all but I have decided not to be too hard on myself for my first go around and just Finish! If you do not see any posts for awhile you will know what happen to be....I locked myself in my house, to embarrassed to show my face because I got kicked off the course due to not making the 6 hours time limit and I didn't get to get my Tiffany's Necklace handed to me my the SF Firefighters...I mean I do not care about that.

That's Right! As we, half marathoners, cross the finish line victoriously, we will be met by the dashing Mill Valley Fire Department (decked out in tuxedos, nonetheless) who will present us with our fabulous finisher’s awards – the Nike Women’s Marathon exclusive Tiffany & Co. finisher necklace!

With A husband as good looking as mine, I might ask if he can had it to me...oh man does he look good in a suit!

Anyways, It all was for a good cause! I raised the $2100!! And Our SF teams have raised $644,989, GREATLY adding to the $18.5 MILLION raised for the Nike Women’s Marathon this year alone!! I have proud of that!

Well here is my course for Sunday.... say a little prayer for me!
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