9 Months

Sadie is 9 months today, where did my baby go? She can wave now and say Hi...more like like hiiihah. She eats just amount anything, and you can not eat in front of her unless you plan on giving her some. She will climb up you making a wheezing sound until she gets a bite. She is standing more and more by herself and has taken a few steps....she gives up easily, I think that walking is too tiring to her. She is becoming more interested in books and singing and making animal sounds. She has aways been really easy going but here lately she is aware when you take something away from her or tell her no and she will cry. Pray that she learns to obey and to share. Her favorite places in the house are the fridge, if she hears you open it she will crawl like nobody's business so she can see inside of it, the bathroom...she likes to play peek-a-boo with the shower curtain and then there is the pantry...she has learned how to open the door (just a cabinet door) and she will pull out all the food. She has also gotten her first bruise..not sure how..on her leg and has busted her mouth on her bed.

Some of my favorite moments with her...when she is really tired she will lay her head on my chest and squeeze her arms under her belly. When we play chase and as she crawls as fast as she can away, she will turn and smile really big at me. When she really likes what she is eating and she moves her head from side to side. When she crawls as fast as she can towards freedom (the front door) when she realizes that it is open. And when Matt blows on her stomach and she laughs so cute!!

joshandliz  – (October 23, 2008 at 10:34 AM)  

You two are blessed. She is a pretty darn cute and good little 9 month old.

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