Happy Birthday Maddie

I have to give my wonderful hubby a shout-out for his 27th Birthday and post some hilarious pictures! We are celebrating it over 2 weeks since our schedules do not allow us to do everything we He want to do in one day!
No, he his not the little boy, that is Brad! Yes he is in a dress and looks just like a girl, especially with that hair style!! I cannot wait until Sadie is a little older to see how much they look alike....I am sure Matt will have the prettier hair!
This is Matt at his grandparents house playing with Barbies. He claims that he was really bored but he looks like he is at least 10. Was there not a tree to climb or couch to jump on?

I thought Matt was a pretty boy and this just confirms it! Thanks Sherry forthe pictures, they are great!!

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