Surprise Party....9 days

Boy do we feel special and so undeserving of such an awesome Goodbye! Some friends of ours through us a surprise party last night! I still cant believe how sweet that was of them. Last night around 10pm, yes 10pm...we are on French time remember... there was a knock at our door to come up stairs to the main part of the B&B we are staying at, and they are decorated it and had a beautiful Cake and lots of friends! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who did this for us.....without our friends that gave us here, I do not think we would have made it the full 2 years. God knew what he was doing. We are blessed.

They even got us a huge Corsican Goodie Basket! I looove it!

Even an ablum with photos from everyone. how special is that!

We were clearly instructed to hang this up in Texas. Above the Texas flag at that. If you though Texas Pride was need to meet an Corsican.

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