small towns, afternoon cafes, beauty.....still 8 days

We ate staying at our Friend, Annette's, B&B for our last days here so that we can clean out our apartment. She lives about 10 minutes from us in Poggio de Venaco. Her village is one of my favorites and the surrounding villages are just so pretty. I love the vibe.

I love this photo for so many reasons....1st the Corsican just siting outside reading the paper, of course the beautiful flowers going up the stairs, the cool fly-catcher door beads, the blue shutters and the house being built into a rock! So typical.

This always make us laugh...instead of going in together and building one common extension, they have to do Along, one unit at a time. And the outcome always looks like this.

Above the local produce store. and below the local cafe which sits right on the road.

This is Poggio du Venaco from a distance in the photo below. You can see the chapel up on the hill.

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