Dulcis Cafe.....still 10 days

most people here have 'their' cafe where they meet their buddies and have the daily bi-daily coffee, aperitif, 4pm gouter (snack)...etc. We were very fortunate to get hooked up and introduced to Dulcis Cafe in the very beginning. They are the cutest corsican couple and have been very sweet to our family...and very patient with our language abilities. I may be biased but they have The best corsica pastries, especially the Migliacci (bread baked with corsican cheese! my absolute favorite!). Today was a first Goodbye and we gave them the typical AND REAL french kiss goodbyes.....I hate goodbyes.

We also met some friend there to have one more delicious lunch!

John Paul and Marie Lou.

The Migliacci!

And their beautiful daughters that Sadie adores.

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