Goodbye Corte....7 days left

Today we officially leave Corsica. We head to Paris for a night and then get to drive across France & Luxembourg to Trier, Germany for a week long company meeting before heading to Houston. Bittersweet. Corte has taught us many things as a family, many trials and blessings. 1/2 of our marriage has been spent here an 1/2 of Sadie's life. I wonder if she will remember any of it. We welcomed a son into our family, Sadie attended school when she didn't even know the language, Corsica gave me a best friend for life, we fell in love with it's beauty, and welcomed its individuality. What I love the most is that it taught me the simplicity of Life, teaching me how to free up most of my time spent on un-needed things and which enables me to focus more of what the Lord has for me for Each day. The present day. I saw God in His creation and the beauty of His power. Sometimes its seems like a quick 2 years, other times it seems like the end would never come. We learned and lived. We tried and grew in our experience. We have had our eyes opened a little bit wider. I believer that wisdom comes from trails and experience...hopefully maturity will start to surface now. Being rather secluded and alone, our experience forced us to depend on something other then ourselves and man, and it strengthen our faith, it forced me from a introvert to a extrovert and gave us relationships that taught us more then we are even aware of right now. Our time in Corsica, most importantly has given me a Bible that has not seen such wear and tear. Tired and True.We are ready for the next adventure God takes us on...shaken but not empty. Stronger together.

our beloved town for the past 2 years.....

This is Corte. In the center you see the Citadel, which is actually up quite High. Corte seems like it was just dropped in the center of mountains. They call it 'the bowl' of Corsica...among other things. It's the coldest in winter and hottest in Summers.

 This is a closer look at it.

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