Lately - some firsts

Just wanted to share some pictures of  some firsts happening around here...

1st Annual BBQ

We met up with Samuel, Francesca and Philippe for, what turned into out "1st Annual BBQ in Corsica with an Québécois", although we had Americans, a Egyptian, and a Pakistanis as well. We had cheeseburgers....I didn't realize how much I missed and enjoyed and good, grilled cheeseburger!

The guys.......thanks for cooking Samuel!

 And just because it is a funny photo:

  Francesca and Sadie!

 1st Corsican Meal {made by moi}

Last week, Niko and Marie came over with their son, Sadie Best Friend's, Pepu and I thought that would try a Corsican meal that another friend taught me how to make....thankfully it was as easy as you can get. They only thing is, I didnt know when Figatullie season was and the sausage I bought was not good....whoops. So we just had to whip up some pasta to along side the Corsica Fried Cheese. {i forgot the name} but it is one of the ways Shepards use to eat cheese, when they were gone for months at a time herding the sheep. The cheese is similar to Ricotta cheese and you just put about 7 spoons of flour, some salt, egg and water until it is creamy. They say the texture is the key....and then deep fry it. Yum.

Isnt this funny, one of the pieces came out in the shape of Corsica, unplanned of-course! 

and because they are so cute, I do not remember when this was taken but it was at their house. Sadie and Pepu where watching a moving while we were playing cards:

1st Moroccan Meal {in corsica}

We had a lunch with some friends from Morocco, who I met in my free french class! They have kids about Sadie's age and Sadie made herself right at home.


1st Pot Pies for a Corsican Electricity Company Seminar 

Last week I helped Annette with a few seminars she hosted at her B&B, one day they had typical French meal and the next day she wanted to do something fun so we had a "Southern" Meal, Chicken Pot Pies & BBQ Chicken Legs. They were actually a big hit {thanks for the Recipe Suzanne}. There was also another girl there, helping out, who was hilarious...she insisted we take photos and translated the recipe into French for her. I am glad I got a chance to get to know here and look forward to hanging out again soon.  One of the guys after finding out it was a 'Texas' meal asked me if there was serpent in it......that was a first but we often get asked, after finding out we are Texans, "Where is your Hat and your boots? What about your spurs and your horses?" I wont lie...sometimes it make me a little proud to be from the Lone Star State.

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Kim Foo  – (June 14, 2010 at 9:32 AM)  

oh man that fried cheese looks good... wonder if i could make it with ricotta :)

Hendrick Family  – (June 15, 2010 at 2:11 PM)  

So good to meet you! What a beautiful family!


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