Head over and read this email from Hope on WeAreThatFamily Blogspot, very interesting and encouraging.

PRAISE! Adoption Update. We have made it through the paper-chase and are officially waiting on the "Phone Call", where we get to find out all the details on our precious child! It's kind of like we are coming upon the "big' ultra sound where you get to find out the sex!

Please continue to pray that it is all in God's timing....we consistently feel like there is much more that he wants from us. Pray that he Leads.In the mean time we are waiting on CIS (for international adoptions) approval and pray that it comes through fast, we will not be able to travel for the court date without it. After those 2 things happen, we must travel to Ethiopia for the court hearing, where the child will be legally ours! But unfortunately, you have to wait on finalized documentations from the Ethiopian Government to bring you child home which takes up to 2 months. So we must return again to bring him/her home.

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T & T Livesay  – (June 27, 2010 at 7:30 PM)  

Praying your adoption journey stretches and grows you and your adorable family in surprising ways. God is faithful. Congratulations!

The Summers  – (June 28, 2010 at 2:12 AM)  

thanks so much for the encouragement!

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