Happy Mother's Day!

No it's not as late as you think....the French Mother's day was this past Sunday! So being so far away from our mom's and Sadie's grandma's, we decided to give some fruit baskets to some friends, in Honor of Them! There are many Moroccans that come up to Corsica to find work, I have been able to get to know about 5 of families....despite the HUGE language barrier, and I wanted to do something for them on Mother's Day since they are so far way from home.

 Aren't they so cute....We MISS you and LOVE you and have change our background to this picture to remind us to pray & give praise for you guys more!

I thought I was doing this really cool thing - but once again the Lord showed me....as I was delivering them, I was invited in to to have some coffee. {somewhat different culture, there is no quick 'drop offs', you must come in for tea and hang out for a while}...but it was so full of JOY, meeting their sweet children and practicing our 'baby' french. {little hint do not put your cup down or else you will be be able to finish your tea!}  Through I could not share much, I sat and prayed for them and for them to know our Savior. THEN they sent me home with more goodies then I came with....despite their situations, they are way more giving then I am. It also resulted open doors and dinners invites,  please pray for these precious families and our language barriers. The Lord was probably thinking "See I do not need you but How sweet of you to offer"...ok not really but It was humbling.

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