County Fair in Corisca=

Fete de Fromage.....The Cheese Festival! Matt, Francesca and I met up with some new friends, Alexia & Philip, at the Fete de Fromage and got to taste A LOT of cheese....some stinky, some really old, some soft, some with green stuff growing on it, some STRONGER then others...well it's not as bad as it sounds but it has taken some getting use to. It was cool to see everyone come together to sell their homemade products and hang out with each other. It reminded me a lot of our county fair back in Texas, but of course with a huge Corsican twist...(and no cotton candy). After Sadie's nap, we went back out to have some dinner and meet up with Paul & to meet his grandmother (a friend from Football Americano). It turned out that his grandmother has written a Corsican Cookbook and was there giving autographs. Maybe I will attempt a recipe soon...I'll keep you informed. We also ran into Delphin and his mom & sister they were hanging out at the 'Antisanti Village table'. As we were sitting there I heard someone say, "Bonjour Sadie" was a girl who did an internship at Sadie's daycare and fortunately spoke some English. She told me that she would help Sadie at snack time to sweet. It was nice getting to know her and meet her family. So, that's a taste of small town life in Corsica!

This gentleman has Corsican written all over him.

No Turkey Legs but Wild boar anyone? let's just roast the whole thing...and there was a long line for a sandwich, where they would just go cut some meat of and put in on some bread.

Fried Brocciu Cheese...I forgot what it was called but it was Good!
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