alexia & philip

Two weekends ago we went down to meet up with some friends, Alexia & Philippe in their village and took Sadie to a little school's children festival. His mom and younger sister came along as well. Sadie was afraid of all the clowns and wouldn't get near them, as well as the face painting...she was missing out on all the fun. We, however, got in on some action and tried the "Drunken Walk Test" were you wear goggles that make you 'see' as of you were drunken. It really threw off your balance and was difficult...So Don't Try is for Real.

Philippe "Come on Sadie, come see the clown and get a balloon." Sadie "Nooooo..." as she runs away.

The bunny stole a hug from Alexia.

ofcorsica. The announcer at the Kid's festival smoked as he introduces Pinocchio...

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