Boss your heart

boss your heart. great post. much needed. head over there and read it.

Sweet little 4 yr girl who was adopted from Serbia with congenital heart defects. She was abandoned at the hospital when her family found out and hospitals in Serbia could not repair her sweet heart. At the end of 2009 she was adopted by an awesome family and had a forever home. She under went open-heart surgery in S.A, TX in April but went to be with Jesus this last week, within 8 months of coming home.

Like the blogger above said on her blog:

"God doesn't always promise us a happy ending, but he promises us the best. And Chrissie, regardless of her short time on earth, was the best.   That's why it's so important that we put our worries and our fears aside - shed that the protective coating we wear around our hearts- and do something with the gift of our lives. Adoption allowed Chrissie to truly live her days on this earth. Adoption was the difference of Chrissie dying alone in an orphanage or having the chance to change the world. And that is exactly what she did.Adoption is huge- if you don't believe me- just ask God how important it is to Him."

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