Now and 6 months ago

She really has changed a lot and is scares me. Please Slow done Sadie! She has more hair and More personality.
Her New things: she knows were her nose and belly are. She can say shoes. She loves baths and not having cloths on. (she will stick out her stomach and rub it and just laugh) She runs. And runs from us anytime we are trying to changes her diaper, put her shoes on or just pick her up. It was cute the first couple of times. She loves going outside and ridding in her waggon (thanks Bryce). One time, I walked into our room to put something up and I heard the front door hit against the wall. I was the only one home with Sadie so I ran to the living room, apparently I didn't shut the front door all the way and she opened it and was half up the stairs right outside our house. I about had a heart-attack.

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Sherry  – (February 8, 2009 at 3:00 PM)  

I absolutely love the pictures of You and Saidie. I think that my fav is of her in the black tootoo with her hands in teh air, and screaming for Joy

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