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What we have been up to lately:
Well I lost my camera :( so I havent be able to document as much of Sadie as I would Like..I am currently saving up for one. I am pretty excited about that. Sadie is getting cuter by the day..she is starting to look more mature to me. She is crawling everywhere and pulls up on everything. She says Mama & Dada but has no idea what it it doesn't count. Even her laugh has gotten cuter...I can put my hands up like I am going to tickle her and she will just chuckle! She still doesn't have much is coming but not enough for real bows yet. So I just make her the headband bows so people at the grocery store will stop calling her a boy! She is still not sleeping through the night and sleeps with us often..I hate it! But as the big Red letters creep up to 3 am...5:45am I give in and let her sleep on my chest. She falls right asleep...if I try and put her in her bed the transition wakes her up every time. I do not know what to do. Please pray for us!! My fundraising is going great! I was so nervous there for awhile because there was not any way we could foot the rest of my goal but God has provided and I have $30 to go!!! I can not believe it! On Sat I ran 13 miles! So I know I can at least finish the Race....really slow but that is OK! I wasn't able to train as hard as I wanted because of my busy schedule....excuses excuses

Matt and I are doing well, the more we give our marriage and life to God the better we are! Cliche but so true....And there has been talk of of a Sadie #2!! But I really could not imagine being pregnant again! Mainly the delivery...scares me to death.

This week we had a BBQ with several was a blast. Thanks Shannon for having us!! Speaking of Shannon please say a prayer for her...she is due any day now and is READY!! And for another friend of mine that just gave birth to Baby Noah. 9/18/08 9 pds 4 ounces 22.5 inches...Big Boy! One of these days I am going to blog about all the pregnant ladies and newborns here!!


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