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I wish I was near a nice big {English} recently I have really enjoyed reading but sometimes its expensive to buy books online {even on the cheap websites}. I am no sure if this will work but....I was wondering if anyone wants to do some book swaping? If it is no more the around $3 to ship to and from where ever you are, then it should work!

I have a good reads account, that I just easily add any books that I come across that I want to read. Do you have one? Maybe we can be friends on there and do some book swapping that way. 

Here are some books that I would like, let me know if you have any of them:

Any of the Geoff & Janet Benge Biographies
Sheparding a Child's Heart or Don't Make me Count to 3
#2 & #3 of the Mark of the Lion Series
Anything Amy Carmicheal or Elizabeth Elliot
Anything Shane Claiborn
And Anything John Chrysostom

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Miranda  – (January 6, 2011 at 9:37 PM)  

Oh friend - you MUST get a Kindle! I'm telling you, one of my BEST investments I've made, especially being overseas. Most of the books are cheaper than a new hard/paper back copy. I budget for books each month :) Sorry I'm not a good candidate to swap!

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