Adoption Update

We have eagerly been waiting since our return form Ethiopia in Nov. for the US Embassy Date there to 1) approve our paperwork 2) assign us date to come pick up the child with us visa.

We were really hoping for either of the last 2 available dates, but they have come and gone. The US Embassy seems to be getting more and more picky with paperwork, etc. We are hoping for the next date which would be 2/2. But two additional weeks of waiting seems like forever!

We are lucky to live in a time of technology like we have today, were we get updates on Him, that hes gorwing normally, He's walking...and saying some words, that he is social and likes blocks, etc. But I am ready to see it daily! Ready to see him growing and playing with Sadie and it all happening at our house! Through this, God is really teaching me HIS timing.......its hard but I like it.

In the mean time we were able to get him a French Visa to enter France until we leave!! That was a huge headahe and answer to prayer!!

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Miranda  – (January 12, 2011 at 7:53 PM)  

He's so precious and chubby like Felicity was. That girl was round and lovable when she came home! I am so excited for you all and I know the waiting is tough but when he's home you will know it's been a perfect plan from start to finish :)

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