This past weekend we accepted the referral of a beautiful baby boy who is 10 months old, at least they believe, he came to the orphanage about a month ago.

This means that we are now waiting on a court date for the Judge to approve. We had a few days between the email and photos of the precious boy and saying yes....of course we wanted to Yes right away but we had to wait on the Lord to provide a means, because saying yes meant the next payment, that we did not have.

He did provide!

It was a trying weekend to say the least but we have never drawn closer to the Lord as much nor dug into scripture finding and resting in his Truths. We have been blessed not only with others going through this same process but also with Friends here in Corisca who were willing to pray and share in the excitement!

If we pass court then we can share more photos and the name! For safety reasons we have to be extra careful. We must be present at on the court date but even if they say yes, we will have to return home and then return again in a few months to actually pick him up.

I can not stop looking at his precious smiles. Please pray that we continue trusting in the Lord, his providence, timing and decisions.

Great Article by Russel Moore:

And a Adoption T-shirt give-way, Here. my favorite!

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4 Blessings  – (July 5, 2010 at 5:58 PM)  

Congrats! So happy for your family.

Jennifer M  – (July 8, 2010 at 7:09 AM)  

Just found your blog from the IAG database. Congratulations on your referral acceptance! So very exciting. I pray your court date comes fast so you can be with your precious baby boy!

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