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The Corsican National Anthem, Dio Vi Salvi, Regina, is a hymn to the the blessed Virgin Mary. And of course sang in the Corsican polyphony style in the Corse language. It was created in 1735.Once when we first arrived here, I was studying in an internet cafe and a group of guys busted into a polyphonic song in the mid afternoon.  Holding their ears and singing down each others throats, see the video to understand. No one else there seem to be bothered so I went on with my afternoon enjoying the new music. 

Here are the first three verses: 

May the Lord protect you, Queen
And universal mother
By whose favor we are received
Into paradise.

You are the joy and the delight
Of the inconsolable
Of the tormented
The unique hope.

Welcome us poor sinners
Into your Holy veil
And reveal your
Son to us.

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Liz –   – (October 11, 2010 at 7:01 PM)  

Kelly, you're becoming quite an authority on all things Corsican. Good job!

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