Just some happenings Part 1

......as we continue life here in Corsica.

Sadie started school in Oct. (ish). We really wanted her ot have a better opportunity to learn the language and meet more people are last year here. I think the school actually started in September but every time we tried to get her enrolled, we were told that she was too young.  They start public school at age 3 here (just preschool with naps). Sadie was just 2.5 but we were told that they normally have extra room and would take younger children. One weekend we met the director of the school and had coffee with at her home. The next week Sadie started school. ;)

I guess, you just have to know the right Corsican.

It's getting cold here! Snow has made her debut for the winter.

Hanging out with my friend Claudia, making Matt's birthday cake. We watched Avatar (yes, I gave in) at Gael & Alexandra's house on their projector they use as a TV. ;)

Sadie hanging out with some of her friends, watching a movie.

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