Daddy's are so important

Photo By Rachel
This photo is so precious to me. With Growing up with out a dad, whenever I see all the love Matt has for Sadie, it just fills me with joy. It reminds me of how our true father loves us beyond measure. I want Sadie to grow up not needing counterfeit love or attention. I pray that whenever she is feeling unloved by the world she can just turn to her Dad, both on Earth and in Heaven.

Stephanie Cheney –   – (August 16, 2008 at 11:11 AM)  

Kelly, I love this photo and your words made me teary eyed! Just yesterday I was cherishing my time with Eli as I was holding and rocking him to sleep, then it reminded me of what you said and how God must look at us as His beloved children. I'm so thankful that God has placed you and Matt as guardians over Sadie, you two are wonderful parents!

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