Parents Nite Out

Parents Nite Out was a pretty good turn out, but thank goodness it's over! Half the kids were very well minded and the other half...well you know. Matt and I could not have done it with the help of Doug & Reann! They were great. Reann is due in two weeks and still stayed to the very end! Doug even brought his guitar and played "Down by the Bay", "Father Abraham" and some other was really cool and kept them entertained for awhile! Thanks guys!

And Matt was involved so ofcourse there is a funny story: There was one little girl that was very 'free spirited' and didnt want to participate in any of our fun. So, Reann told a story with her and her pig-tales as the main theme. Matt noticing her messy hair, threw a line in the story were the little girl got a hair brush for her birthday.........funny right? Well......
As I was walking the girl out with her mom, she turned around and said "Someone told me a needed a brush for my birthday"
I know! I wanted to crawl behind the door and hide!!

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