We have visiters...

Matt's Mom and Friend, Debbie came to see us! It has been a blessing showing them around our town, seeing our life and meeting some of our friends. Sadie was so too happy discovering that her grandma doesn't just live in the computer!

So far we have explored some small Villages, including my good friend Lucie's & her family. We introduced them to Raclette with some friends and had dinner with Annette and her father. Saw lots of old churches and had some good Corsican pastries.

Haha, we made them hold their bellies and touch the maternity goodess.
 Going over the river that spilts our town.
 We pitched in with Matt's siblings and surprise them with a stay at Annette's B&B.

Lucie's Grandma....she is hilarious. 

 Picking some oranges.

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