Alligator Park

Growing up there was a park about 10 minutes outside of town that my mom would always take us to, we called it the alligator park. There is a river that runs by it and small trails and a lake which always had a alligator in it. There was hardly ever anyone else there when we went and it was my favorite place to go so I couldn't ever figure out why...(I still do not know)..but it was cool to have the whole park to ourselves at times. At one point while Matt and I were still dating I told him about my favorite childhood park, the Alligator park, and he said that he had one too, the Planter's Point Park that his mom would take him to and that no one was ever we described the parks we found out that our favorite childhood place was the exact same.
All this to say, we took Sadie with Matt's sister and all of her cousins, while we were in Texas. It still is a really cool park. It has slides in the side of a hill, wooden walking paths, little doll house and yes an Alligator!
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Sadie ate dirt, apparently she is craving iron according to her Grandma Sherry

AND The Alligator!

Becky  – (January 18, 2009 at 3:27 PM)  

Your pictures are amazing!! Are you taking all of these? Wow!!

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